The enrollment to Gruppo Del Colore - Associazione Italiana del Colore is intended “sub-condicione” until a check is made by the Treasury on the respect of the Statute, the Call for papers (for those who subscribe to the annual Conference) and below instructions. The subscription to the GDC-AIC is valid from 1 January to 31 December of the year in which you join the Association. Regular members can: 

  • Participate to the GDC-AIC meeting with entitlement to vote;
  • Participate to the elections of the Presidency council;
  • Participate in advantaged conditions, decided by the Presidency council, to all manifestations (national and international) held by the Association.

There are many forms of association to Gruppo Del Colore - Associazione Italiana Colore: 

  • Student member (12 € per year)
  • Individual member (40 € per year)
  • Corporate member (40 € per year)
  • Individual supporting member (400 € per year)
  • Supporting corporate member  (400 € per year)

To join the Association please fill out the form at the following link (For best performance we recommend the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser). Once your request is accepted you will receive a confirmation email and the data for the payment of the membership fee (via PayPal or credit card).