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COLOURSPOT (Swedish Colour Centre Foundation)

COMITÉ DEL COLOR (Sociedad Española de Óptica)








Themes of interest for the Conference

  1. COLOR AND MEASUREMENT / STRUMENTATION. Colorimetry, photometry and color atlas: method, theory and instrumentation; quality control and food coloring, dyes, organic and sustainable color.
  2. COLOR AND DIGITAL. Reproduction, management, digital color correction, image processing, graphics, photography, printmaking and 3D print, video production, artificial vision, virtual reality.
  3. COLOR AND LIGHTING. Metamerism, color rendering, adaptation, color constancy, appearance, illusions, memory color, color in extra-atmospheric environments, lighting design, lighting technologies.
  4. COLOR AND PHYSIOLOGY. Mechanisms of vision in their experimental and theoretical aspects, deficiencies, abnormalities, clinical and biological aspects, synesthesia, healht.
  5. COLOR AND PSYCHOLOGY. Phenomenology of color, perceptive, emotional and diagnostic aspects.
  6. COLOR AND PRODUCTION. Foods and beverages, agriculture, textile, plastics, ceramics, paints, gemology, food industry.
  7. COLOR AND RESTORATION. Archaeometry, painting materials, diagnostics and techniques of conservation, restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage.
  8. COLOR AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Urban planning, project of color, architecture, landscapes, coloring and architectural syntax, territorial identities.
  9. COLOR AND DESIGN. Furniture, design, fashion, textile,cosmetics, food design, museography.
  10. COLOR AND CULTURE. Art, history, philosophy, aesthetics, representation and design, ethno-anthropology, geology, sociology, lexicology, semantics, anthropology of vision, food culture and heritage.
  11. COLOR AND EDUCATION. Pedagogy, color's didactics, aesthetic education.
  12. COLOR AND COMMUNICATION/MARKETING. Graphics, communication, packaging, lettering, exposure, advertising.


We invite authors to submit an article only if they are going to actually take part, in person, in the conference.
Papers and abstracts sent by e-mail will not be accepted. For submission it is mandatory the usage of the on-line platform for the conference management EasyChair, available at the address: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=14cdc2018.

Contribution may be in Italian or English (digital progeedings of the Italian and English papers will be available).
To submit abstract and/or papers it is necessary to register on the mentioned website for creating an EasyChair account or using your personal account if you are already registered. You only need to register once. For the first registration select “Signup for an account” in the first page and follow instructions. It’s important to submit complete data, filling the module with attention, especially giving valid e-mail in order to receive communications from the conference organization. If you are already registered the acronym to access the IX Conferenza del Colore is “14CdC 2018”.
It is necessary that at least one of the authors of the accepted papers subscribes for the conference before 5 June 2018 and attends the conference for her/his oral/poster presentation.
The acts of the only participants in person will be published after the conference.


Abstract submission: before 21st January 2018

For the submission of the sole abstract (Italian or English), log in the EasyChair system with your username and password obtained through the registration process, and chose “New Submission” from the upper menu:

1. fill the authors data and check “Corresponding Author” to receive communications from the organization (at least 1 author per paper is needed);
2. insert the title and text of your abstract (maximum of 3000 characters) in the proper space (copy/paste from others software will work);
3. chose the topic of interest that match with the final paper. Choose the topic in Italian if the final paper will be written in Italian language, otherwise choose an English topic;
4. Presentation may be oral or poster, authors are invited to express their preference in the "group" box (the final decision however will be of the scientific committee).
5. insert at least 3 key words concerning your abstract;
6. check “Abstract Only” before pressing “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
A confirmation mail will be sent to every corresponding author to confirm that the abstract has been successfully submitted to the organization. Before 30th January 2018, the organization will communicate if the abstract have been admitted for the consecutive submission of the full paper.
The abstracts of all accepted papers will be made available online in the days of the conference.


Submission of the admitted papers: before March 9th, 2018
Papers (Italian or English), including images, graph, tables (link to the Typefaces for Symbols in Scientific Manuscripts ) and bibliography need to be formatted with the downloadable format from the website www.gruppodelcolore.it in the Call for papers section (download the format for papers). It is advisable to write directly in the given document or copy/pasting the text in this document using the Microsoft Word command “Paste Special” | “Not formatted text” to avoid to change margins and styles of the pre-formatted document, because the curators will not modify your format. The paper should not exceed 12 pages lenght. Digital conference proceedings will be with color. B/W, grayscale and color image must have a 300 dpi resolution in RGB format. The file must be in .pdf format and must be submitted with EasyChair system:
1. choose from “My Submissions” (or “Paper n°") the paper of which the abstract has been already submitted (they are numbered if more than one has been uploaded);
2. on the upper right choose “Update information”;
3. in the following page select one of the nine categories (themes) of the conference;
4. click on “Change information” at the bottom of the page;
5. in the following page, on the upper right, choose “Submit a new version”;
6. in the following page select your .pdf file with the command “Browse” and then press “Submit a New Version” to send the paper.
A confirmation mail will be sent to the flagged corresponding authors to confirm the successful submitting of your paper.


Specifications for ORAL SESSIONS

Download the program



The poster, formatted as in the form (dimension 70x100cm), should be carried by hand And presented during the poster session like highlighted in the program.

Download the poster format    


Poster Award 2018


Committee members will evaluate posters on the basis of the following criteria: presentation of the information, originality of research and quality of the poster graphics.

Nature of Award: the award consists in 1 free entrance to the XV Conferenza del Colore 2019 (in the case of a multi-author poster, the free entrance will be assigned to only one person).